Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship (@ Cicero’s) Show Review | 2.11.11

A night of lasts…and firsts?

Legend and history typically precede folk heroes—being on the minds of others and spoken of in a high, almost mythical, regard in popular culture and conscience. For the past few years, Corey Goodman’s one-man “band” creation Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship has been the St. Louis metro-area’s rock ’n’ roll, pop, comic-book reading, singing Johnny Appleseed. One mention of SFYYR in casual conversation could bring about several “I love that guy!” and “Oh, yeah, he’s hilarious!” types of remarks. Last week, Goodman had mentioned that this would be the last of his shows as Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship leading many YouTube viewers and diehard fans puzzled and disappointed. Many jumped to the conclusion that this was just a way for Goodman to explore some of his other musical endeavors as he’d done in the past, with outfits such as Vanilla Beans and Boners. Fans were crushed as Goodman simply said “It was time for something different.”

On Friday night, the diehards and nerds from all walks descended upon Cicero’s to witness Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship in St. Louis one last time. Fans waited, beer in hand and with bated breath, until Goodman took the stage in short shorts and a white shirt ever-so carefully unbuttoned down to his chest. Crowd participation is encouraged at Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship shows; more than just singing along to songs, Goodman asks the crowd to yell/scream/let completely loose as he dances with the crowd or on tables, gyrating on both ladies and men. Friday’s show included dangerous moves on the makeshift dance floor and bar stools during his cover of the 1999 Limp Bizket song “Break Stuff.”

Goodman’s live-show shenanigans continued through the show. A fan was called out after Goodman checked into Twitter and saw that the fan was sorry for waiting so long to see a live SFYYR performance, Goodman forgot the words to “Throwin’ Up,” and not only restarted the song but spit water in to the crowd before the beginning of the song—both times. As usual, he smelled an audience member’s less-than-savory areas during “Smell So Good,” and had the fans create a catwalk type line so he could “dance with” and “touch” everyone like he does at every other show.

Goodman captivated the crowd throughout the show, everyone anxiously waiting to sing along with “I Like Marvel, You Like DC.” After a most ruckus rendition and frolic through the tormented relationship between Goodman and a Batman worshipper, Goodman finally announced the bad news: This was, indeed, to be his final song at his final show ever. As Goodman thanked the crowd for their appreciation over the past few years, announcing he was quitting because he felt “like something was missing,” an alleged fan hopped up on stage with a killer guitar riff. The fan, Christopher, a friend of Goodman’s, questioned him with a barrage of “why’s” and asked if Cobain, Dio, Dimebag Darrell and the likes ever stopped rockin’. The two went on to console one another and joined forces for the show’s closer “Totally Awesome,” finding Christopher on guitar and Goodman singing, dancing and writhing across the stage and floor. After the song the two made an announcement: The band was done, but Christopher and Goodman decided to start a new band together, appropriately named (you guessed it) Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship. A fitting end to a fitting beginning. | Jenn Metzler


  • I’m a Man
  • Throwin’ Up
  • Break Stuff (Limp Bizket cover)
  • Douchebag
  • Smell So Good
  • I Like Marvel, You Like DC
  • Totally Awesome

Originally posted at Cicero’s Blog on February 11th, 2011.


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