GreyMarket | Taking Intimacy to a Whole New Level (Cicero’s Blog) | 3.29.11

Intimacy during rock ’n’ roll shows isn’t easily created. Many factors play into the effect: the size of the venue, the fans and their eclectic mix of attitude and beer coursing through their veins and, most importantly, the artists on stage pouring their hearts out through song—laying it all out while raking fingers across guitars, pounding their drums, singing into the mic with eyes closed. Tampa’s GreyMarket spilled their hearts out for fans at Cicero’s on Friday, March 25, establishing a personal relationship with those in attendance, then leaving them in a dreamlike haze, anticipating more music to come.

It’s rare that a duo can command such regard and can fill a room with an encompassing and grandiose sound. Thanks to technology and a keen set of ears for programming, what at one point may have only been noise is turned in to beautiful accompanying music for guitarist/vocalist Cave McCoy and drummer Michael Gargiulo. Fully adorned in their semi-formal garb of black, white, and gray shades, the duo took to the stage and opened with a new song, “Mother of All Bombs.” After setting themselves up on a high note and making one hell of a first impression, the pair moved into a trio of songs plucked in order from their 2008 album Some Orbits Will Never Decay. The merge of twinkling guitar and keyboards, propelling rhythms and explosive lights, only added to the aura of GreyMarket’s special brand of massive yet intimate music.

“Cascade (Down the Rabbit Hole)” was a firm and powerful number; the Alice in Wonderland–themed rollick had fans both old and new, as well as McCoy himself, erupt in to a show of hands clapping, arms flailing, bodies breaking out in kinetic dance, and the guitarist rushing out on to the venue floor, leaving it all out for others to thrive on. The show was packed with ferocity from the beginning, and in the end the two left pieces of themselves stuck to attendees like rock ’n’ roll confetti on sticky, sweaty skin. As everyone, including the band, thought it was over, they were surprised with a bit of extra time in which they treated everyone to “I’d Wait Years,” also from SOWND, as an encore. After McCoy crooned “I’d wait years for you” repeatedly in his decadent tenor, he and Gargiulo left the stage and joined those in attendance. The pair were genuinely appreciative to those who approached them, willing to shake hands and open to discuss music.

If you missed this show, you should be kicking yourself right now; see some of what you missed on their website, While listening online won’t create the same magic exhibited at Cicero’s on Friday night, it will give you a taste of the magic of GreyMarket. Oh…and watch this space for a return visit in July. | Jenn Metzler


“Mother of All Bombs”
“Hey, Mr. Spaceman”
“Make Sense”
“Back in Time”
“Cascade (Down the Rabbit Hole)
“Wings (Made of Steel)”


“I’d Wait Years”

Originally posted at Cicero’s Blog, March 29, 2011.


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