Definition of junkie – someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction.

I’d have to say junkie or addict about sums it up. As I reflect upon how I got to be a junkie, I go back to my childhood. Many of my memories are fraught with music or have some kind of soundtrack or musical theme; watching D-TV (Disney’s take on music videos of 1980’s pop singles) on a continuous loop via VHS, begrudgingly taking dance classes as a youngster and dancing to my favorite Madonna songs, cleaning my fresh piercings while listening to angsty 1990’s plaid-riddled grunge music and singing along (while being careful not to move the piercing too much), being that band geek who played flute/tuba/bass guitar/marimba/trombone and valuing the true musicianship of ska instrumentalists, going on a road trip through boring corn-filled states and switching between Cursive and outdated radio stations in Nowheresville, Iowa. Never being satisfied with playing just one, two or five instruments, being in some kind of musical ensemble, writing about music, introducing friends to new groups, memorizing songs in a different language, learning that the lead singer of my favorite band started her first band with her brother, joining various record labels’ street teams – yep. That’s me, the addict.

Jazz Band Geek c. 2002

Luckily, my love for music has never waned and I’m always on the hunt for trivial information and never cease looking for the next great-to-me-and-if-it-blows-up-cool band. I’ve got ticket stubs collected in envelopes, on the walls and cork boards of my home, a proud display of musical geekdom and fanhood. Personal trophies include recorded interviews with bands like Rogue Wave, the memories of talking about Now It’s Overhead’s Andy LeMaster with Kevin Barnes from of Montreal, getting invited to bowl with MGMT, speaking French with Phoenix, having the high school drumline I instructed in 2007 perform on stage as The Faint’s opening act at St. Louis’ Pageant and numerous pictures of me hanging out with your favorite band. Things have changed, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) more than I ever thought I could contain in my brain. Now instead of being the performer or the blog-reader…I’m the contributor, the critic, the reviewer. I have contributed to and written for AOL’s Spinner and Music of the Hour, and currently write for Cicero’s Restaurant and Venue and Playback:STL, and also am the Editor and Lead Contributor for Fansided.com‘s Bleedin’ Blue (a site about the St. Louis Blues hockey club, hockey being my other addiction).

Young, Dumb and...teaching?! Me with The Faint after my drumline students opened for them, playing "Danse Macabre", 2007.

Starla at the Show is a type of personal portfolio and is home to my musical pursuits in writing. Who is Starla and why is she using Jenn’s name? Well, Starla and Jenn are the same person. You see, Starla Mint was my “alter ego”, which was really just me on skates and kicking ass, during my time as a roller derby player. I got so used to the moniker that I used it as a part of my Twitter handle and despite what some naysayers may say about social media, I have it to credit for getting me some of my writing gigs and use it as a promotional tool both for myself and others that I work and write for. So, next time you see Starla at the Show, don’t be afraid to say hi, but don’t forget to rock.

Getting a bit of Kelley Deal time after The Breeders shot a music video with Arch Rival Roller Girls, 2009.

Interested in advertising on my page? Want me to come to your show and hear your band? Need help editing your term paper about Shakespeare’s histories including Richard III and Henry VI, Part I? Contact me at mintconditionediting@gmail.com.


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